During February 2011

Nicaragua Nexus

I had the privilege of joining the Wake Forest delegation to Managua Nicaragua February 23-26, 2011 to dedicate Casa Dingledine in the program known as Nicaragua Nexus. This facility is different than Wake Forest’s other international houses in that it is not residential (yet) and is intended for short stays of 1-3 weeks, rather than... more

ZSR and the Oscars!

The 83rd Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, February 27! Although ZSR does not have every film nominated for this year’s ceremony (some have yet to be released to video), we do have several in our collection. Here are the films we have available currently; the nominations they received are in parentheses: Alice in... more

From the Suggestion Box: DVD Purchase

The Library should get "The Pirates of Penzance" on DVD Thanks. I passed this along to our media selector. more

Hoffman posters….the preservation of

In October, I excitedly accepted dozens of posters from the Gertrude Hoffman Collection. These turn of the last century posters were wonderful and also brittle after being folded inside a trunk for many years. I’ve finally seen a light at the end of this tunnel and delivered 4 encapsulated posters to the closed stacks today.... more

Preservation of the Gertrude Hoffman posters

Last fall, we uncovered a cache of posters in a trunk. I blogged about this material in our Special Collections blog in October. Gertrude Hoffman (1880-1955) was a dancer in the early 20th century who traveled internationally with her troupe of dancers called The Hoffman Girls. Gertrude Hoffman was married to Max Hoffman (1875-1963), a... more

From the Suggestion Box: Popular Magazines

I think the library needs to do a survey of patrons to decide what magazines should be kept in the "popular" magazine section. Too many of those there are never going to be read by anything close to a sizable percentage of patrons, while other magazines that might be read aren’t shelved in that section... more

Barry’s Week at Offsite Storage

Well, after a week of recuperation and thought, I decided to take a more creative approach to the description of my time working at the Offsite Storage facility. Everyone else has done a great job of relaying anything I could say in words in previous posts, so instead I will present my experiences in the... more

Disbinding Biblical Recorders

Preservation is in the middle of a huge new initiative. We’re “disbinding” many bound volumes of the Biblical Recorder from the 19th century. The loose newspaper sheets will then be packaged and sent to be scanned, a project for which we received a grant. Disbinding involves scraping off spine linings and residual adhesives to allow... more