Printing in the Library

Looking for a Printer?

ZSR has printers on three floors. Check out the maps below to find a printer near you:

Once you’ve found your printer, swipe your WFU ID card on the touch screen next to the printer and select the job you want to print.

Need Help Printing?

You can print anywhere at WFU using your laptop or DeacPrint. If you’re in ZSR, you can always print from a library computer—just log in and print!

Still having trouble? See our troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Windows users: You may encounter a message that “Windows has protected your computer”. Click ‘More Info’ and you should see a ‘Run Anyway’ option.
  • Mac users: You may need to install printer updates. To do so, go to the App Store and check for updates to install the latest printer drivers to your computer.
  • Other printer issues: Please see a staff member at the nearest ZSR Library service desk.

For more on printing at ZSR:


Out of Free Prints?

Once your allocation of free prints is spent, you can add additional funds to your printing account in the following ways:

If you have a small number of pages to print, go to the Library Services Desk and ask about paying for just the pages you print.

Print Allocations

Each semester, undergraduates are allocated $4.00 of free prints (50 sides). Graduate students are allocated $20.00 (250 sides). Print allocations refresh each semester for as long as a student is enrolled.

WFU Printer Package Download

To add the WFU printers to your computer, download and install the printer package for your computer:

The download and installation process should only take a few minutes. After installation, Student-BW and Student-Color printers should show up in your printer list.


Printers on Level 2

Two printers are available on Level 2 in the 24/7 study room.

Locations of printers on Level 2


Printers on Level 4

Five printers are available on Level 4: one in Room 401, one in the Scholars Commons, one in the graduate student lounge, and two in the Wilson wing.

Locations of printers on Level 4


Printers on Level 6

One printer is available on Level 6 in Room 601.

Locations of printers on Level 6