Accessibility Services

ZSR Library is committed to providing all library patrons with access to our collections and resources.

For Any Help You May Need

Place a request or ask at the desk—we can help with the rest.

How We Can Help

Searching & Retrieving
We can help with searching the library catalog and retrieving materials from the stacks. ZSR Catalog ›
Delivery & Pickup
We can deliver requested materials to you via FedEx or we can make them available for pickup from the Library Services Desk or the smart lockers in the 24/7 Room. ZSR Delivers ›
Copying & Scanning
We can scan chapters or make photocopies for you. For photocopies, regular cost per page applies; we accept Deacon Dollars, vending credit, and cash. All requests must comply with copyright law. ZSR Printers ›
Research & Resources
We can help with all aspects of your research, from developing the best topic to finding the best resources. ZSR Research ›
Reserves & Extensions
We can extend the due date for materials on reserve. ZSR Reserves ›
Spaces & Places
We can help with accessing, navigating, or utilizing any part of the building, its workspaces, equipment, or facilities. ZSR Spaces ›

For the most accessible and direct routes to locations in ZSR, consult our accessible directions.