Library Auditorium

The Library Auditorium (Room 404) can be used for movie showings (provided public performance rights are obtained), lectures, or symposia. While it cannot be used as a classroom for an entire semester, the Library Auditorium can be used by instructors on occasion for a class that needs the space for its DVD equipment or its larger lecture capabilities. The Library Auditorium is fully accessible and has 118 seats. It is DVD and BluRay player equipped, with LCD projector, Ethernet, phone, and standard classroom control system. The auditorium can be reserved through DeaconSpace (

Reservation Information

Accounts & Fees

If the auditorium is not left in the condition that it was found, a $50 cleanup fee will only be charged to the account number provided in the reservation request. Any group that is going to require access to the auditorium after hours may be charged $30 per hour beyond the library’s closing time. Student groups must supply an account number.

Film Screenings

In some cases, proof of Public Performance Rights is required to show a movie. If required, proof must be provided at least 24 hours before the start of the event or the event will be canceled. Public Performance Rights may be obtained through Swank Motion Pictures Inc.

For more information, see our room reservation policy.

Reserving the Library Auditorium

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