Library Exhibits

Exterior Spaces

ZSR Front Terrace (Banner displays only)


  • Maximum 8′ wide, 12′ tall
  • A 2″ pocket sewn at both top and bottom
  • Hung on rails with metal eyelets and wind slits
  • The banner will have to be hung by WFU Facilities and additional fees will apply
  • Font size on the banner must be sufficient to be seen from 50 feet away

If you wish to use the front terrace for a banner, please complete the banner request form on DeaconSpace.

Interior Spaces

The following spaces in the ZSR Library are available for exhibits. For more information, see our Exhibit Space Policy. To request an exhibit space, please use our exhibit request form.

ZSR Entry Cases


  • 2 cases (36″ wide by 60″ tall by 12″ deep)

ZSR Library Lobby


  • 4 cases (44″ wide by 46″ tall by 15″ deep)
  • 2 cases (44″ wide by 46″ tall by 9″ deep)

Ammons Gallery (Room 401)


  • 10 cases (62″ wide by 60″ tall by 7.5″ deep)

Special Collections & Archives

For exhibitors who may have exhibitions suitable for the exhibit space in the Special Collections & Archives Research Room (625), please contact Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Director of Special Collections & Archives. Special Collections & Archives is always interested in collaborating with campus and community partners to host potential exhibits related to its collecting areas.

For more information, see Special Collections & Archives upcoming exhibits.