Technology & Multimedia

Public Computers

Several locations within the library offer public computers, from basic web-connected computers to powerful Mac and Windows workstations. In most cases, these are available for all library users on a first come-first serve basis whenever the library is open, providing access to library research databases, search tools, and web resources. Mac and Windows PCs also offer Microsoft Office and other productivity tools.

  • The Mac Lab, located just off the Atrium, provides 16 iMac computers. When not scheduled for a class, the Lab is available to all library users, and is open during Bridge service desk hours.
  • The Scholars Commons, on Reynolds 4, is a flexible study space that includes a mix of Windows and Mac computers.
  • Study space on Wilson 4 provides both Macs and Windows PCs. Additional PCs are available in the Atrium and across from the Circulation Desk.

“Instant Workstation”

The Instant Workstation option in the Scholars Commons is a docking station that lets you use your USB-C enabled laptop with a full size keyboard, mouse, and large, high-resolution monitor. Depending on your exact laptop and USB-C port, you may also be able to charge your laptop while you work.

USB-C is a common feature on many newer laptops, including the MacBook Pro (2016 and later), MacBook Air (2018 and later), and Dell XPS laptops (2017 and later).

For information on using your laptop with an external monitor, we recommend this page for MacBooks, and this page for Windows laptops.

Tips on Using Public Computers

In order to protect your personal files and online accounts, we suggest the following guidelines:

  • Save files to a personal flash drive or cloud file service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Files saved on the desktop will be deleted the next time the computer is logged out or reboots.
  • We strongly recommend that you log out of any web sites you access with a personal account.
  • When you are done using a public Mac, we strongly recommend that you logout. When you are done using a public Windows PC, we suggest rebooting or restarting the computer. This will prevent anyone else from accessing your accounts and files.

All PCs and Macs in the Library are set up to print to the campus print queues, and files printed from any PC or Mac can be released at any of the Library’s eight printers.

Equipment Checkout

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library provides many technology services, including equipment checkout, for the Reynolda Campus community.  Please visit our equipment checkout page to learn what we have to offer and to request a reservation in advance.

Multimedia and Digital Production

Faculty and students interested in creating learning materials for classroom use or to supplement classroom instruction are encouraged to contact the Multimedia & Digital Production Services Coordinator.

For more information about the use of the technology facilities, please Room Reservation Policy and Technology Use Policies.