Technology Use Policies

Equipment Checkout

Multimedia equipment can be reserved in advance by WFU students, faculty, and staff via this online request form. All reservations should be made at least one week in advance to insure proper processing of the request.

Checkouts are typically for one week. Extensions may be provided as inventory allows and should be requested at the time of reservation if needed. Late fees will accrue each day an item is late. The party reserving the equipment may be held responsible for damage, loss, or theft, and a replacement fee may be charged.

Items will be held for pickup at the Library Services Desk and should be returned to the Library Services Desk. ZSR Library is not responsible for any personal data left on our devices. Please remove any personal data before returning the equipment. Patron information regarding reservation requests may be held by the library indefinitely.

Equipment will come packed with necessary accessories; accessories should be returned with the equipment or replacement fees may be charged.

A day before the equipment is due, the Library will email the patron a courtesy reminder. Once the equipment is overdue, a fine for late return will accrue daily for two weeks. After two weeks, the Library will declare the equipment lost and assess a lost fee in addition to the late fine. If a student returns an item after it has been declared lost, the lost fee will be forgiven but the late fine will still be applied. Faculty and staff are not charged late fines, but are responsible for lost fees.

Overdue fines and replacement fees are determined as follows:

Overdue Fine
Replacement Fee
(based on equipment cost)

Public Computer Use

The Library provides public computer workstations for general use. Windows and Apple iMac computers have WFU’s standard software load, including web browsers, Microsoft Office, and other tools. Computers provide access to the Internet, WFU’s campus printing system, and other resources on the campus network. Your use of our public computers is protected by the Library’s privacy policy.

General Rules

  • Please treat all computing equipment with reasonable care. If any equipment is not working properly, please alert Library staff.
  • Because our workstations are in public areas, please be sensitive and respectful to those around you. Some images, sounds, or on-screen messages may be disruptive or offensive to others. In the event of complaints, the Library’s priority will be to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study and research for all, and we may assist either or both parties to find alternate places to work.
  • Our public computers do not require a personal login for general use, but you may need to login to access specific services. To protect your online privacy and security, when you are done using a public computer, please log out of all accounts and delete all personal files you may have downloaded. For Windows workstations, we also encourage you to reboot or restart the computer after use.
  • Please do not install or remove software, or reconfigure or disconnect hardware, without permission.

Use of ZSR’s computers is subject to the WFU Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources. This policy prohibits a number of computing activities, including:

  • Copyright violations
  • Using anyone’s login other than your own
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to computers or to the logins and privileges of other users
  • Intentionally downloading malware or hacking tools
  • Spoofing emails or sending any messages with a fraudulent identity
  • Online harassment, bullying, or intimidation
  • Commercial activities not approved by the University

This is not a complete list; please read the policy for further information.

Digital Media Lab

The multimedia lab is open to use by registered students, staff, and faculty of Wake Forest University. For more information on about the Multimedia Lab, contact The Bridge.