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During June 2012

The Clarence Herbert New and Robert Warrington New Papers finding aid is now available online!

Special Collections and and Archives is thrilled to announce that the Clarence Herbert New and Robert Warrington New papers have been processed! You are able to access the finding aid onlineĀ and explore the extensive and varied collecting habits of both Clarence and his son Robert. The Clarence Herbert New collection of Theater actor cabinet cards... more

The American Star, 1817

Two hundred years ago this month, the War of 1812 began. This three-year conflict with Britain was, as one recent commentator observed, “the Jan Brady of American conflicts for good reason: not only was it book-ended by two vastly more significant wars, but its causes weren’t sexy, its conclusions were muddy, and its most famous... more

New Books for Summer Reading

Reading lists abound during the summer months! Here are a few titles that have appeared on different lists, as well as links to other lists with even more recommendations! As always, you can find the newest additions to the ZSR collection on our new books page. Fiction The Cove: Set in the mountains of North... more

New Films for the Summer

Lots of new films are arriving this summer! Stop by the library and check out what’s new in our film collection. Certified Copy: “The great Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami travels to Tuscany for a luminous and provocative romance in which nothing is as it appears.” Film Socialisme: “Legendary director Jean-Luc Godard triumphantly returns to the... more

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Could you obtain the book “Canada,” by Richard Ford? I’d like to give it a read. Thanks! Thank you for the suggestion. I have passed it along to the selector for the Browsing collection.

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Could you obtain the movie “Melanchoila”? Here’s the IMDB listing: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1527186/ Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it along to the film selector.

ZSR is a Geocaching site

Geocaching is a kind of treasure hunt utilizing social media that is run by volunteers who leave treasures in public places and clues to find them on the Geocaching website. An avid “Geocacher” codenamed “Armorsmith” brought me this book-like vessel and asked if he could place it in the library. I’d been familiar with Geocaching... more

Two New Finding Aids Available Online!

Special Collections and Archives is pleased to announce the online publication of two new finding aids! The Bill Leonard Papers and the Wake Forest UniversitySchool of Divinity Collection have been processed and the findings aids are available online. These two new additions, as with the rest of our published finding aids, can be found at... more

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Hello, I would like to suggest the library to purchase Vieln Vardanyan’s “Panorama of Psychology.” It is a very interesting, multilevel, rich and innovative book on social sciences, which has very high ratings and recommendations at WorldCat.org. Thank you. Thank you for the suggestion.

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I would like to suggest that ZSR add the following titles to its holdings: Pure by Andrew Miller, A Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar by Suzanne Joinson Thank you for the suggestion.