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70th Anniversary of Wake Forest Groundbreaking

Oct. 15 marks the 70th anniversary of the groundbreaking for Wake Forest’s campus in Winston-Salem. In 1951, Wake Forest President Harold Tribble was looking to do something that would send a clear signal that the move from Wake Forest, N.C., was going to happen. He parlayed Gordon Gray’s contacts from his time as a White... Continue reading “70th Anniversary of Wake Forest Groundbreaking”

The ZSR Library’s Little Free Library Expands to THREE Locations!

In the Summer of 2021, with the help of an Innovation Grant from the Dean of ZSR, the ZSR Library’s Little Free Library expanded and moved into the 24-hour study space at the front of ZSR. (Shoutout to Bookmarks, our local, independent bookstore, for passing along “advance reader copies” [ARCs] to help stock the library... Continue reading “The ZSR Library’s Little Free Library Expands to THREE Locations!”

Graduate Student Thesis/Dissertation Retreat – Fall 2021

After postponing last year’s Fall Break Graduate Student Retreat to Spring Break 2021, and then moving it to Zoom, it was nice to hold a face-to-face fall retreat over fall break this year! On Thursday, Oct. 7th, the ZSR Library, along with the Graduate School, hosted our fifth annual research retreat for WFU graduate students.... Continue reading “Graduate Student Thesis/Dissertation Retreat – Fall 2021”