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A New (Mobile) Home Page

In a first attempt at creating a more mobile-friendly website*, I have just released a significant update to the home page.

With the help of the web committee (Anna, Chris, Kaeley, Lauren, and Rebecca) to test and discuss changes throughout the process, I have worked to establish a similar user experience across a range of devices. While the home page will look (and function) as it has on laptops, the changes take effect on devices (and screens) with smaller resolutions, e.g. smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. I should mention that no content disappears for any device; it gets shifted or takes another shape depending on the resolution context.

Take a look at the changes in this selection of screenshots (click the image to view larger):

To see these mobile-friendly changes for yourself, visit zsr.wfu.edu on your smartphone.

While the changes apply only to the home page at this point, I hope to push out updates to additional pages over the next few weeks. Larger goals – creating a more mobile-friendly interface to the catalog or the study rooms app – will require more time and testing.

As always, let me know of any problems, concerns, or suggestions.

* Actually, technically, it’s a second attempt. The first attempt was years ago when PDAs and early cell phones were popular and we used a “handheld” designation to target those very limited devices.

10 Comments on ’A New (Mobile) Home Page‘

  1. laurenpressley

    This is so exciting, Kevin! Thanks for bringing responsive design to our website!!

  2. Molly Keener

    Oh, I can’t wait to test this out at home on our tablets!

  3. Mary Beth

    Nice! Thanks Kevin and the web committee!

  4. Hubert

    Kevin and committee! I love the way the site looks on my iPhone! Kudos!

  5. Rebecca

    Wonderful work! Thanks, Kevin.

  6. Craig

    Good work all!

  7. Lauren Corbett

    It is so much easier to do stuff from the home page on my smartphone now! It also looks really good on the Kindle Fire. Way to go, Kevin and committee!

  8. Lynn

    iPad version is beeyootiful!

  9. denlinkd

    We have the best web team in the universe. Calling it.

  10. Sarah

    Way to go!