During November 2012

Here @ ZSR

“Love is Louder Than” Postcard Project

ZSR sponsored a student led project this fall called “Love is Louder Than.” The idea was to have postcards on campus with the line: Love is Louder Than……. and allow students to fill in the blank with words, ideas or drawings. The postcards were mailed on campus during the semester and collected by the students... Continue reading ““Love is Louder Than” Postcard Project”

New Religion Exhibit

This week, I’ve worked with students in Dr. Lucas Johnston’s Religion 101: Introduction to Religion class. The students worked both in ZSR and on their own to create this exhibit as a final project. Take a look as you come and go. Continue reading “New Religion Exhibit”

New Samuel and Sally Wait Exhibit in the Atrium

Special Collections is happy to announce a new exhibit in the small case in the atrium. The exhibit highlights the Samuel and Sally Wait Collection and shows examples of their letters from Wait. It also includes Samuel’s walking stick and reading glasses. Take a look when you get a chance! Continue reading “New Samuel and Sally Wait Exhibit in the Atrium”

LIB200 Courses Available for Spring 2013

Interested in learning more about research methods in your major? Getting ready to work on an honors thesis? Thinking about going on to graduate school after you leave Wake Forest? ZSR’s advanced research courses could work for you! Our LIB200 courses offer instruction in advanced research techniques and resources that are specific to a particular... Continue reading “LIB200 Courses Available for Spring 2013”

From the Suggestion Box: New Book Drop

Hi, I would like to suggest putting a book drop-off box on North Campus. It would make it easier to return books for the students who live there. Thank you for your suggestion. It makes sense, especially with the new residence halls coming. We will put it on our wish list! Continue reading “From the Suggestion Box: New Book Drop”

New Video Efforts

One of my goals for my first year is to do a complete refresh of all of the content in the Toolkit. In my role serving online students, I understand the power of video in teaching library tools and selling the library as the place to go for research assistance, technology training, and self-help. Having... Continue reading “New Video Efforts”

From the Suggestion Box: Your Recent Comment

Seriously put caps on teacher accounts–students don’t have access to those books for long periods of time because of the lack of limits. It’s excessive. This answer comes from Mary Beth Lock, Director of Access Services: While it may seem like it is unfair for faculty to have such long loan lengths (up to a... Continue reading “From the Suggestion Box: Your Recent Comment”

Divina Commedia, by Dante Alighieri (Aldine Press, 1502)

From the title page verso of the 1502 first edition The Renaissance scholar Aldus Manutius (ca. 1451-1515) began his career in typical fashion, as a tutor to an aristocratic Roman family. We don’t know what prompted him in 1490 to move to Venice and try his hand at a business venture involving the exciting new... Continue reading “Divina Commedia, by Dante Alighieri (Aldine Press, 1502)”

Charles Lee Smith Finding Aid Complete (Again)!

Although the Charles Lee Smith papers have had a finding aid online, it has not been complete. Well, it is now! We have added 3 additional boxes and an over-sized folder to the former collection. Many of you may know of Charles Lee Smith from the Charles Lee Smith Library (the books that are housed... Continue reading “Charles Lee Smith Finding Aid Complete (Again)!”

Hunger and Homelessness Week Exhibit

I was approached by Mo Earley, an undergraduate student working with Campus Kitchen to do an exhibit for Hunger and Homelessness Week, November 10-18. There are a number of events during this week which help raise funds and support this event. Turkeypalooza is one such event which ZSR is participating in. Food is donated and... Continue reading “Hunger and Homelessness Week Exhibit”