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“Love is Louder Than” Postcard Project

Love is Louder Than Postcard project

ZSR sponsored a student led project this fall called “Love is Louder Than.” The idea was to have postcards on campus with the line: Love is Louder Than……. and allow students to fill in the blank with words, ideas or drawings. The postcards were mailed on campus during the semester and collected by the students in the project. The postcards were then attached to poster boards.

The concept behind this project was to focus on positive ideas during a stressful time (like final exams) and offer support as well as a way of expressing feelings. Love is Louder is also a national movement begun to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. The LILT students put all the postcards and a banner in the ZSR Atrium. This is a grassroots project, totally run by students who wanted to do something positive.

Please take the time to read the postcards which are near Circulation and near the stairs in the atrium.

10 Comments on ’“Love is Louder Than” Postcard Project‘

  1. laurenpressley

    I love this project, Craig!!

  2. Rebecca

    Great project! Great post! Great picture!

  3. Mary Beth

    Nice. I think this is great.

  4. harperjb

    Thanks for doing this Craig! I just read through most of the cards. They are funny and moving and thoughtful and positive and creative and many other adjectives. Everyone should go read them! Right now. Stop whatever you are doing and go!!

  5. Susan

    I saw the banner just now, so I love hearing what’s behind it!

  6. Kaeley McMahan

    So true! What a great project!

  7. dulinak

    This warms my heart! Such a cool project!

  8. Lynn

    So glad we did this, Craig.

  9. earlyle

    What a great way to celebrate life! The students who are part of this project did a great job. Thanks to Craig for sharing!!

  10. walkercv

    What a great idea!