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ZSR Library Through Flickr

Did you know that ZSR Library has had a Flickr account for almost 4 years now? We have uploaded over 3,600 images, organized them into 160 sets and 21 collections! We have hundreds of tags to help find specific images (see the top 150 tags below) and our images have been viewed over 107,850 times.... more

Some Rights Reserved: ZSR’s Flickr Site and Creative Commons

With the approval of Admin Council, I have added a Creative Commons license to most of our Flickr pictures. What’s does that mean? Well, if you’ve ever noticed the awesome photography in any of Lauren P.’s presentations recently, then you’ve already seen one of the benefits. Creative Commons allows us to tell potential users in... more

Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Oh My!

This month’s emerging technologies talk was requested from several people: a discussion of some of the similarities and differences between popular photosharing sites. We were working with a limited time span, so we covered the three top contenders: Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook. If you’re interested in more information about current photosharing site, ReadWriteWeb has a... more