During November 2008

ZSR Holiday Exhibit


Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Oh My!

This month’s emerging technologies talk was requested from several people: a discussion of some of the similarities and differences between popular photosharing sites. We were working with a limited time span, so we covered the three top contenders: Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook. If you’re interested in more information about current photosharing site, ReadWriteWeb has a... more

Writing Symposium – Ways of Writing for the 21st Century: The College Classroom and Beyond

On Monday, November 17th I attended the Writing Symposium panel discussion in Benson along with what appeared to be 75-100 faculty, staff, and students. The symposium was sponsored by the Department of English, the Teaching and Learning Center, and the Offices of the Dean and Provost. Tom McGohey of the English department gave a background... more

First Year Seminar exhibits – Herodotus

On December 8, 16 students in Dr. Jeff Lerner’s FYS on Herodotus discussed their exhibits as a final projects. While the doors let in extremely cold air and people streamed in and out of Starbucks, the class which were divided into groups of 2 and 3, discussed each display. These students will worked on their... more

The Election of Barack Obama

Several library titles were placed in the new exhibit cases to signify the importance of the election of 2008. This exhibit-although small-was noticed by many, who asked that I remove the books so they could check them out! more

Wake Forest Homecoming

To honor Wake Homecoming, I made a small exhibit with WFU library titles in the new cases at the library entrance. more

New exhibits on Reynolds 4

On the newly renovated study area on Reynolds Level 4, I installed new exhibits on Frank Lloyd Wright, Dime Novels, North Carolina Women Writers, the Secrest Artist Series and Albert Schweitzer. more

Turkeypalooza 2008

On behalf of the Staff Association Committee, THANK YOU LIBRARY STAFF for your generous donations to this year’s Turkeypalooza, hosted by Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen provides meals to local food shelters and community centers in Winston-Salem and hosts Turkeypalooza each November, which prepares roughly 15,000 Thanksgiving meals. This year, the ZSR Library provided 5 gallons... more

From the Suggestion Box: Air Fresheners

Please remove the plug-in air fresheners from the computer room. This is my second year at Wake, and I spent the first half of this semester wondering why the computer lab smelled so bad this year. I finally figured it out! Many people are sensitive to air “fresheners” and other perfumed products, which can exacerbate... more