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Deacon Discovery 2009 at ZSR!

On Sunday, July 12th, the 34 new student athletes who began classes on the previous Tuesday came to the ZSR Library in small groups of 6-10 students each. They were participating in a program called “Deacon Discovery”, a scavenger hunt around campus to introduce these news students to the various services available at WFU! In... more

ZSR Zephs Victorious

The ZSR Zephyrs (or “Zephs”, since it has a little more attitude) played to a 2 Win, 1 Loss series today in Reynolds Gym, kicking of the Summer Olympics in fine style. The “A” team today consisted of Travis and Prentice, with Craig and Mary Beth acting as cleanup. The first round was played against... more

Access Services Retreat

On Monday, June 8th, the Access Services Team took a day long retreat. We needed and wanted to stick close to the library, and since we have such great study rooms now in the library, we used the study room on the west side of the building, (near the Graduate Student Lounge) as our home... more

The Second “Celebrating Nature: Earth Day @ ZSR” program

Earth Day was observed at ZSR a few days early this year, with the second annual “Celebrating Nature” program that was held on Thursday, April 16. Three speakers gave their perspectives on the importance of recycling in terms of conservation strategies, preservation techniques, and the connections on a local and broader canvas.It was also scheduled... more