During April 2010

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Herodotus FYS Exhibits

Herodotus- Father of History and Father of Lies is the title of this First Year Seminar. Herodotus apparently had an inclination to record history and make things up. This year is probably the tenth year I’ve worked with Dr. Jeff Lerner and his history classes doing exhibits. The class came to Preservation about a month... more

From the Suggestion Box: Wake the Library

I love wake the library! Thank you for saying so. We love our students! more

Cristina Elected to Museum of Anthropology Advisory Board

I have been elected as a member for the Museum of Anthropology Advisory Board for a three-year term, starting 2010-2011. MOA’s programming is impressive. Each year, a theme is chosen, funding and experts are sought and special exhibit, lectures, and films are planned – this year’s theme is African culture. I was involved with the... more

Senior Showcase

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library hosted the inaugural Senior Showcase, an event honoring exemplary research completed by Wake Forest University undergraduates in their final year. Honorees shared their research from their senior theses before the Wake Forest community in a three-part lecture in the Library’s Allen Mandelbaum Reading Room. The... more

From the Suggestion Box: Graduate Lounge

Not sure that this is the right place to say this, but – the Grad Lounge looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a week. There’s trash all over the floor and the tables are dirty. I know that ridiculous alarm makes it harder to get into here, but I really just want a nice... more

Some Thoughts About the iPad

Some people who could not attend the TLC program on the iPad asked if I would be repeating the presentation. Instead of trying to repeat it during this busy time of year, I’ve posted an entry on my blog with a link to my prezi presentation and some other links about the iPad. (Prezi is... more

Quick Response Codes… first in Japan… now in ZSR Library!

As many of you know, I am really interested inAugmented Reality. There’s some pretty amazing potential there for embedding additional metadata into the real world as well as providing instruction at point-of-use, point-of-need locations. However, the technology is still pretty far off. We’d need a user base that had devices that work with augmented reality... more

Annual Administrative Professionals Conference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the 2010 Administrative Professionals Conference at Bridger Field House. Our audience was made up of Administrative Professionals from WFU, WFU-Health Sciences, WSSU, UNC School of the Arts and Forsyth Technical Community College. The majority of the audience was female, but there were 2 males at the conference yesterday!... more

The ZSR Library’s Technology How To Blog!

I just wanted to post a reminder that new posts appear regularly throughout the year on the ZSR Library’s Technology How To Blog. Most recently we have posted new entries on Using the Help Resources Provided by EndNote and edited entries on the grant funded, Digital Media Station in the Multimedia Lab. We even have... more

From the Suggestion Box: Staplers

Can we put staplers and hole punchers beside each printer? If you’re worried about them getting stolen, then just bolt them down or something, but it’s really annoying to walk around the library trying to find one. Thank you for your suggestion. more