I have been elected as a member for the Museum of Anthropology Advisory Board for a three-year term, starting 2010-2011. MOA’s programming is impressive. Each year, a theme is chosen, funding and experts are sought and special exhibit, lectures, and films are planned – this year’s theme is African culture. I was involved with the “Asian Games: The Art of Contest” project in 2005. My children also played a role by demonstrating and leading some games on the Community Day.

My connection with the Museum actually goes back to 1997 when my first child started the summer camp at the Museum. They learned about a different part or people of the world each year, including China, Australia/New Zealand, South Eastern Indians, Pacific Island, etc. They proclaimed it is their favorite summer camp. They finally got too old for it, and they started volunteering at the camp.

Winston-Salem community is very fortunate to have the Museum, and the resources the Museum provides. The Museum offers a variety of opportunities for experiencing and learning about different cultures. Not only does it give on-site programs and classes, it also takes the cultural presentations to schools for curriculum enrichment.

I am honored to be serving on the Advisory Board. I am looking forward to assisting in the endeavor of whatever the Museum of Anthropology will embark on.