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Findable finding aids from Special Collections!

Finding aids for collections from the Department of Special Collections & Archives are now fully search- and browse-able through a new interface!

Check out zsr.wfu.edu/findingaids to see features including:

  • A look and feel like the ZSR website
  • Fully searchable contents, including container lists
  • Browse by keyword and title
  • Collection summary at the top of each finding aid
  • Linked finding aid sections
  • Linked keyword index
  • Expand/collapse container lists
  • Complete box and folder information

Kevin Gilbertson pushed the limits of the traditional finding aid by incorporating his sense of design and prioritizing user needs, creating a new interface for the finding aids on Dspace with XMLUI (the rest of our collections currently use JSPUI). Kevin’s creativity and willingness to understand the priorities of archival description helped him use XML to develop a finding aid interface that is one of a kind.

We invite you to experiment with the search, browse, and container list features. The search box is also featured on the Special Collections & Archives homepage. We are so proud to create greater access to the outstanding archival resources of ZSR!

5 Comments on ’Findable finding aids from Special Collections!‘

  1. Craig

    Thank you Kevin and Audra for looking at this issue critically, and for collaborating together to make it so much better. Thanks to Erik as well! Our patrons will certainly benefit from the ease of searching our collections!

  2. Vicki

    Thanks to Kevin, Audra, and everyone else who helped to take our “raw materials” and turn them into a lovely finished product! This new appearance for the finding aids is so much better than before and will give researchers better results. Great work.

  3. Susan

    They look very elegant. Well done!

  4. Erik

    well done kevin – nice use of XMLUI!

  5. Lynn

    Nice to see this collaboration. Way to go, Kevin and Audra!