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Eva Rodtwitt’s Life in Norway, and Occupied Norway

Writing any blog post about a person whose materials are in Special Collections and Archives presents research joys and challenges, with the challenges normally being resolved using resources such as, online biographies, obituaries, and collections materials. This is my first post where I could not glean much from the usual resources. It became obvious... Continue reading “Eva Rodtwitt’s Life in Norway, and Occupied Norway”

100 Digital Collections and Growing: See What’s New

We’ve just reached the milestone of 100 Digital Collections! Let’s take a look at our newest additions. African American Families Photograph Scrapbook Collection This collection contains a photograph scrapbook and items from the scrapbook ranging from 1920 to circa 2000. The family or families documented in the scrapbook are unknown at this time. Some individuals... Continue reading “100 Digital Collections and Growing: See What’s New”

New Selections from the Digital Collections

We have more great additions to our Digital Collections, as we near closer to our 100 collections milestone. Here are our latest collections currently available. David Allen Hills Collection David Allen Hills was a professor of psychology at Wake Forest University. He received his bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Kansas in Lawrence,... Continue reading “New Selections from the Digital Collections”

New Digital Collections, Come See!

Since our last update, we’ve reached the milestone of 80,000 items within our Digital Collections, following the addition of several new digital collections and more items added to our established collections. The following are our most recent collections we’ve made available online. Curt D. Baum Family Collection Curt D. Baum was a Jewish boy of... Continue reading “New Digital Collections, Come See!”

ZSR Digital Collections: More to Explore

Over the past months, we have added a variety of digital collections to our site, as well as adding new materials to established collections. As a result, we are happy to have recently surpassed 70,000 items within our digital collections. Here are some of our most recent additions. Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center... Continue reading “ZSR Digital Collections: More to Explore”

Sharing Our Digital Collections Metadata

Digitizing our collections and making them available via our online Digital Collections is a great way to broaden access to our unique collections physically housed in our Special Collections and Archives. Taking a step further to share our materials on other platforms helps expand access and discoverability even more. There are several organizations that partner... Continue reading “Sharing Our Digital Collections Metadata”

ZSR Joins JSTOR Open Community Collections

ZSR contributed its first digital collection to JSTOR’s Open Community Collections. Our World War I Posters collection now joins over 30 other institutions’ unique primary resources collections on the JSTOR platform. The ZSR collection contains 134 propaganda posters pertaining to World War I. The posters publicize efforts of organizations including the United States Food Administration,... Continue reading “ZSR Joins JSTOR Open Community Collections”

Digital Collections Homepage Update

It’s been just over two years since we redesigned our Digital Collections homepage. Since that time, we have continued to add new collections. As a result, an update was completed this month to enhance browsability. Each digital collection is now sorted into one of the seven Collection Groups on the homepage: Manuscript Collections, NC Baptist... Continue reading “Digital Collections Homepage Update”

New Digital Collection: WFU Athletics Audio and Video

Relive some of Wake Forest’s most memorable moments in sports with one of our newest Digital Collections! Our WFU Athletics Audio and Video Collection features significant footage and audio recordings covering full games, highlights, interviews, and features from the WFU Athletics department. The online collection currently covers golf, football and basketball, with events as early... Continue reading “New Digital Collection: WFU Athletics Audio and Video”

A.R. Ammons Watercolors Showcased at Poetry Foundation

Chicago is the locale where one of WFU’s most distinguished alumni, A. R. Ammons, is currently being honored with an exhibit that includes 20 of his watercolor paintings dating from the late ‘70s. The exhibition opening occurred at the headquarters of the Poetry Foundation on January 9, and will continue on display until April 30.... Continue reading “A.R. Ammons Watercolors Showcased at Poetry Foundation”