We’ve just reached the milestone of 100 Digital Collections! Let’s take a look at our newest additions.

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African American Families Photograph Scrapbook Collection

This collection contains a photograph scrapbook and items from the scrapbook ranging from 1920 to circa 2000. The family or families documented in the scrapbook are unknown at this time. Some individuals in the photographs are identified with handwriting on the image or on its reverse. Two printed items are included: an image of Winston-Salem State University founder and first president S. G. Atkins and an image of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Boy Scout troop 1942-1943. A small number of photo postcards from the Hampton Institute are also in the scrapbook. People identified by name or partial name include: Bundy, Campbell, Jake Ballard, Anna Bell (or Annabell), Winston-Salem State University founder and inaugural president S. G. Atkins (Simon Green Atkins), Precious Foster, Cheek, Smith, Gertrude Dixon, and Sassner.

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Arthur Raymond Gallimore Papers

Arthur Raymond Gallimore (1885-1955) and his wife Gladys S. Gallimore (1886- ) served as foreign missionaries in China on behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention from June 6, 1918, until 1947. Gallimore was an alumnus of Wake Forest College and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This digital collection includes selected materials. The full collection in ZSR consists of biographical information, Gallimore’s writings, autographs of Kentucky Baptist leaders, Wake Forest College and expansion clippings, a Wake Forest College scrapbook album, and postcard-sized photographs of the campus and its students.

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George Pennell Collection of Circus Materials

George Clingman Pennell was born May 12, 1893 and attended Wake Forest College (1914), graduating with a degree in law. He was a lawyer and author, as well as a College trustee; his gravestone records that his legal clients included the city of Asheville and circuses. Pennell was also a life-long Baptist and church deacon. The son of Thomas and Frances Pennell, he lived and practiced in Asheville, North Carolina, until his death on November 17, 1966.

This collection includes selected correspondence, photographs, trade publications, subject files, ephemera, and a variety of other materials. While the collection is primarily about Pennell’s life as an attorney, it also sheds light on the amusement industry in the mid-20th century.

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G. McLeod (Mac) Bryan Papers

George McLeod (Mac) Bryan was a Wake Forest alumnus, earning both his BA (1941) and MA (1944) from Wake Forest College. He continued his education at Yale Divinity School and earned his B.D. (1947) and Ph.D. (1951). Bryan was a faculty member of the Wake Forest Religion Department from 1956 until he retired in 1987 as professor emeritus.

Bryan was a prolific writer. He is best known for his work on and relationships with Clarence Jordan, founder of the Koinonia farm community in Georgia, and Beyers Naudé, a South African minister and leading anti-apartheid activist. Bryan was also active in a number of religious and civil rights organizations and causes.

Bryan passed away September 29, 2010, and is buried in his native Garner, NC. Materials in this collection include Freedom of Information Act items dating from 1947 to 1996.

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Laurence Stallings Papers

Laurence Stallings (1894-1968) was an American writer. He is probably best known for his 1924 play, “What Price Glory,” co-written with Maxwell Anderson, and his autobiographical novel, Plumes, which narrated his military service during World War I. Stallings graduated from Wake Forest in 1916 and joined the United States Marine Reserve in 1917. Placed on active duty, he was sent to France where he was wounded in the Battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918. The injury sustained here ultimately led to the amputation of his leg (and, many years later, the other leg would be amputated as well), but the experience gained in the trenches inspired some of Stallings’ most memorable literary works. Stallings published his final book, The Doughboys: The Story of the AEF 1917-1918, in 1963. He died of a heart attack in 1968 and was buried with full military honors at Fort Rosencrans National Cemetery in California. This collection contains selected manuscripts and correspondence of Stallings.

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Odus McCoy Mull Papers

Odus McCoy Mull was a lawyer, businessman, state politician, and active Wake Forest College alumnus from Shelby, North Carolina. This collection contains Mull’s correspondence, subject files, and other business, legal, personal, and political papers. The selected materials in this collection relate to his activities and involvement with Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Baptist Hospital, Wake Forest College, and North Carolina Vocational Textile School, legal cases and the Tennessee Valley Authority, and his race for speakership of the North Carolina House of Representatives in 1941.

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Wake Forest Baptist Church (Winston-Salem, N.C.) Records

Wake Forest Baptist Church was constituted in 1956 after WFC’s move from Wake Forest to Winston-Salem, N.C. WFBC has been progressive both in the redress of racism and homophobia in the community. Throughout WFBC’s history, especially under Richard Groves’ pastorship, membership and leadership positions had been open to members regardless of race and orientation. In 1994, they were instrumental in community outreach after racially-charged church burnings and in 1999, they fought public backlash for hosting a same-sex civil union.

This dissent lead to conflict surrounding WFBC’s sovereignty, as WFU’s Board of Trustees disagreed with the service, which would lead to WFBC’s full autonomy. In August 2022, the church voted to dissolve the ministry as a result of a declining and aging membership, limited financial resources and a new rental policy by the university.

This collection currently includes selected sermons, the church’s constitution and correspondence regarding same sex unions.

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WFU Reynolda Campus Faculty Handbook Collection

The WFU Reynolda Campus Faculty Handbook collection contains faculty handbooks from the years 2011 to 2022. The publication is intended to be used by all persons who hold an academic appointment, whether tenured, tenure track or non-tenure track, or full or part-time, to one of the faculties on the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University. It is a compilation of basic University policies and procedures of interest and concern to members of the faculty and administration.

Additions to Collections

History of Wake Forest University Oral Histories: Inclusive Student Life Collection, Queer Public Histories, Sustainability and Earth Day 2020

Voices of Wake Forest: Samuel T. Gladding Interviews (Transcripts from History of Wake Forest University, Volume 6)

New items also added to our North Carolina Baptist Church and Association Files and Student Government Records collections.