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Leather Bookbinding Workshops

I attended back-to-back workshops on leather bookbinding from March until June of this year. These workshops were taught remotely by Karen Hanmer, a gifted binder from Chicago. The first sessions in March were set aside for learning to use the tools to thin leather. The sessions in April, May and June were devoted to making... Continue reading “Leather Bookbinding Workshops”

Spring Book Repair Workshops

This spring, I spent a week traveling from east to west across North Carolina teaching book repair at public libraries. I visited libraries in Burgaw (Pender County), Burlington (Alamance County) and Shelby (Cleveland County). The attendees are always fun and their questions come tumbling out throughout the day. Public libraries have few resources and little... Continue reading “Spring Book Repair Workshops”

Conservation of World War I Cartoons

The Stars and Stripes is the primary news source for the US military. It was published during World War I (1914-1918) and then, continuously since World War II. A donation to Special Collections and Archives was made which consisted of a group of cartoons from World War I. The WWI newspaper was published in France... Continue reading “Conservation of World War I Cartoons”

East to West Book Repair Workshops

I recently taught three workshops, in the east, central and western areas of North Carolina. I hadn’t taught in person since March, 2020 and it was good to get back in the saddle. It always amazes and encourages me how hungry librarians are for this information about repairing their books. I guess we all want... Continue reading “East to West Book Repair Workshops”

Spring 2019 Book Repair Workshops

On April 24th at Archdale Public Library and April 25th at Sheppard Memorial Library in Greenville , I taught back-to-back book repair workshops. These workshops are sponsored by the North Carolina State Library and are funded using LSTA Grant funding. The participants are primarily from public libraries and are eager for any knowledge they can... Continue reading “Spring 2019 Book Repair Workshops”

Bible Versals Exhibit In Special Collections

One current exhibit in the Special Collections Reading room is composed of calligraphy from the local Encore Group. This group is ably led by Joyce Teta, who is an excellent teacher and well-respected calligrapher from Winston-Salem. The group is composed of calligraphers and bookmakers with beginning to advanced students and teachers. Joyce gave members of... Continue reading “Bible Versals Exhibit In Special Collections”

Bookmarks Festival Demonstration

Bookmarks sponsored a series of book arts-related demonstrations at their Festival this past weekend, and I was happy be invited to participate. No one was protesting at the Bookmarks Festival this weekend. There were a series of demonstrations related to books, however, which I was privileged to be part of. I completed a series of... Continue reading “Bookmarks Festival Demonstration”

A New Cart for Special Collections

We in Special Collections recently pulled a bit of a MacGyver to help transport oversize paper items a bit more easily, and Preservation Librarian Craig Fansler and I are here to boast about it. When historians think of archives, they often think of labeled boxes full of labeled folders, perhaps not easy to carry but... Continue reading “A New Cart for Special Collections”

Intermediate Book Repair Workshop in ZSR Preservation Lab

On Friday, September 29th, I taught a book repair workshop, sponsored by the North Carolina Preservation Consortium (NCPC) in my Preservation Lab. This workshop was an intermediate workshop, so we tackled several complex procedures. The attendees came from east and west: East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN), Tryon Palace (New Bern, NC), Appalachian State... Continue reading “Intermediate Book Repair Workshop in ZSR Preservation Lab”

Stabilizing World War I Posters

Special Collections & Archives holds a small collection of posters from World War I. The posters vary in size from 17 x 22″ to 48 x 62″. The images are created from original artwork by a range of talented artists, such as Jessie Willcox Smith, Howard Chandler Christy and James Montgomery Flagg. These artists defined... Continue reading “Stabilizing World War I Posters”