We’re thrilled to announce our latest additions to JSTOR’s Open Community Collections, soon to be rebranded as JSTOR’s Shared Collections beginning in July. As one of the program’s charter contributors, we initially shared our World War I poster collection in 2020. This month, we’ve included an array of captivating materials from our Special Collections and Archives, including personal letters, diaries, and journals that shed light on different eras and viewpoints of wartime in the United States.

JSTOR’s Open Community Collections is a collaborative initiative that brings together institutions, libraries, and archives to share their unique digitized collections with a global audience. It provides a platform where diverse historical materials can be accessed, studied, and shared by researchers, students, and enthusiasts. Sharing our digital collections on platforms such as JSTOR not only ensures broader accessibility, but also enhances the scholarly value of our collections.

Building on our World War I poster collection, our newest additions include the George Carl and Cordie Phillips Loven Papers, Wake Forest University Faculty in WWII (volumes I and II), two Civil War diaries (George L. Bright Civil War Diary and Herbert E. Valentine Civil War Diary), the Joseph Edward Carter POW Journal, the Lipe Family Civil War Letters, a World War I Journal (author unidentified), and the soon-to-be-added William Kendall Dingledine World War I Scrapbook. Being that these contributions are exclusive to ZSR Library, it will ensure a truly distinctive experience for researchers and enthusiasts on JSTOR.