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Introducing Graduate Intern Corrine Luthy

The following is a guest post by Corrine Luthy, a graduate intern with Wake Forest University’s Special Collections & Archives.

Corrine Luthy

Hi! I’m Corrine Luthy, an intern in the Special Collections and Archives department here at ZSR for the Spring 2014 semester. I am a graduate student in my second semester at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the Library and Information Studies program. Although there are no concentrations within the program, I have a strong interest in archives.

I have been working in ZSR’s Special Collections and Archives department since October, becoming acquainted with the equipment and the staff and gearing up for some projects I will be working on this spring. I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to gain this hands-on experience while earning academic credit for my work. With the guidance of Tanya Zanish-Belcher (Director of Special Collections and Archives) and Chelcie Rowell (Digital Initiatives Librarian), we identified specific projects that I will lead, and we developed learning objectives that I will complete. I am excited that at the conclusion of my internship, having led these projects and completed these learning objectives will help me to build a strong portfolio.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in English from East Carolina University. Of course, my love for the written word and information access drew me to library school. But my interest in archives comes most immediately from my work as an editor and staff writer for a small community newspaper in northeastern North Carolina before returning to graduate school. There, I witnessed the real need for a usable and organized information organization system on a regular basis. The newspaper served not only as a historical record for the community, but for ourselves as well. Working at a print publication, I also became more aware of the contrast (and sometimes tension) between print and digital formats, some of the effects of the shift from one to the other, and the need for digital preservation. These are trends that I will be fortunate enough to explore more during my time at ZSR.

The projects that I have begun working on under Chelcie’s supervision hold a special interest for me. This semester I will be working with PDF files of digitized issues of Wake Forest’s student newspaper, the Old Gold and Black, making them keyword searchable for users of the library’s digital collection. I will also be working to create a digital exhibit with materials from the Secrest Artists Series.

I’m hoping to contribute to the digital community of Wake Forest by helping the library create and improve collections that capture the spirit of the university and make its digital materials more accessible and usable. I will be documenting my progress, thoughts, and learning as a ZSR intern and MLS student on my personal blog and portfolio website, Shelf Life. Anyone interested is invited to follow along. I hope to see you around ZSR!

9 Comments on ’Introducing Graduate Intern Corrine Luthy‘

  1. Tanya Zanish-Belcher

    Thanks, Corrine, we really appreciate your work on the OGB project!

  2. Amanda

    Glad to have you here! :)

  3. Rebecca

    We are excited for you to be here!

  4. Lynn Sutton

    Very impressive. I hope to meet you in person soon!

  5. Craig

    Welcome Corrine!

  6. Kyle Denlinger

    Bienvenidos! (Great blog, btw!)

  7. Corrine

    Thanks everyone! I’m excited to be helping with the projects!

  8. Dianne Johnson

    Corrine – I work as the archivist on the medical school campus of Wake Forest School of Medicine and we have something in common. I too major in English AND worked as a newspaper writer between college and grad school – many years ago! Enjoy your projects and semester at ZSR!

  9. Corrine

    Dianne, it’s so nice to hear from someone else who has followed a similar path. Thanks so much for the comment!