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New Finding Aid

A new finding aid is available from Special Collections for the Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina Collection. This group has existed since 1984, and helps to support and connect Baptist women in North Carolina who serve in a ministerial capacity. This collection has materials documenting the beginning of the group, as well as those from following years which show how it has grown and changed. Photos, audio interviews, and newsletters show the rich history of the people who have been and still are involved, as well as the projects, ministries and efforts that they have been part of over the years. For more details, you can see finding aid here: Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina.

4 Comments on ’New Finding Aid‘

  1. Tanya Zanish-Belcher

    Thanks Vicki!

  2. Lynn Sutton

    What a wonderful collection!

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks, Vicki! Wonderful work.

  4. Craig

    Excellent-we have got to do an exhibit on Sophie Lanneau