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Is this Preservation?

Portable Communion box

Portable Communion box

Recently, I was asked to repair and recover a small box used for transporting communion materials. I assume this would be used for taking communion to an ill person who couldn’t travel. I removed all the hardware, and recovered the box with book cloth. I then, replaced the handles and latch. It seems to be in reasonably good shape to continue on it’s mission of good will.

I ask you: is this preservation?

I guess so.

1 Comments on ’Is this Preservation?‘

  1. gillkj

    Wow, I saw one of these at the goodwill recently. I thought it was for some sort of musical instrument or saleman’s samples. I considered getting it, ripping all the insides out and using it for files. But decided I had enough strange things doing jobs for which they were not designed.