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Society of American Archivists features ZSR Special Collections

In December 2010, ZSR Library released a new interface for finding aids describing archival collections from Special Collections and Archives. We announced the new interface in a Gazette post, where we listed some of the great features of zsr.wfu.edu/findingaids:

  • A look and feel like the ZSR website
  • Fully searchable contents, including container lists
  • Browse by keyword and title
  • Collection summary at the top of each finding aid
  • Linked finding aid sections
  • Linked keyword index
  • Expand/collapse container lists
  • Complete box and folder information

These features were added based on information gathered from a variety of finding aid user studies. Kevin and Audra worked together to demonstrate these features using the XML user interface for DSpace, instead of the default JSP user interface. Kevin created a finding aid site that looks familiar, crafted, and usable.

Kevin and Audra submitted a brief description of the new finding aid site to the Description Section of the Society of American Archivists, where it was chosen as a highlighted collection for the 2011 Description Expo. The Description Expo recognizes archival projects from around the world and we are honored to be part of this year’s group!

2 Comments on ’Society of American Archivists features ZSR Special Collections‘

  1. Susan

    Congratulations on being recognized. I know that it was a complex project, but the results were very noteworthy!

  2. Craig

    Great work Kevin and Audra- both in seeing the need for improvement, and then taking the steps on your own to make these improvements happen. Congratulations!