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What Are You Working On?

Tessa and Bill working in the digitization lab

It is with great excitement that we share this “What Are You Working On?” Tessa and Bill are both working on digitizing and creating metadata for the University Archives Photograph Collection (RG10.1). This photograph collection is extremely valuable in content ranging from the Old Campus to modern events. The provenance and organization of this collection are rather unclear, making digitization and online searchability even more desirable. We have only just begun this project, so stay tuned for updates and releases. Thanks to Tessa, Bill, and all of the student assistants who make our work possible!

4 Comments on ’What Are You Working On?‘

  1. Lynn Sutton

    What a lovely and tactful way to say it, “The provenance and organization of this collection is rather unclear.”

  2. Roz

    Lynn beat me to the kudos on the phrasing but wherever it came from and however cryptic it may appear, it will be such a treasure to have digitized!

  3. Mary Beth

    I can’t wait to see the results! Good luck with finding the provenance!

  4. Craig

    Kudos Rebecca for doing this long overdue work describing part of our collection. It’ll be so much more accessible now! Great way of including our students too.