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  • Journalist Lewis Wallace will talk about objectivity in the age of "alternative facts," and posit that the antidote to propaganda isn't neutrality, but rather curiosity.
  • Humanities Institute Summer Writing Grant Presentation by T.H.M. Gellar-Goad T.H.M. Gellar-Goad, Assistant Professor of Classical Languages was one of four recipients of a Humanities Institute Summer Writing Grant for Summer 2016. He will present on his work-in-progress at 3:00pm on Tuesday, April 4th in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium. Each summer the Humanities Institute funds up to four competitive Summer Writing Grants for university faculty working in the humanities to complete or make significant progress on a manuscript for a monograph that is either under contract or in which a publisher has indicated written interest. Applications are open to all full-time faculty, with priority for two of the grants given to proposals submitted by tenure-track humanities faculty working on a first monograph.
  • Vinodh Venkatesh is Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Virginia Tech. Presenting a comprehensive overview of recent queer cinema in Latin America, this talk will discuss a new vein of filmmaking that promotes affective relationships between viewers and homo/trans/intersexed characters. Prof. Venkatesh will discuss a number of recent examples of Mexican films to show how their use of an affective poetics situates and regenerates viewers in an ethically productive cinematic space. He further demonstrates that New Maricn Cinema has encouraged the production of gay friendly commercial films for popular audiences, which reflects wider sociocultural changes regarding gender difference and civil rights that are occurring in Latin America. The talk will take place on Thursday, April 6, 2017, at 4:00 PM in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium, Room 404. A reception will follow. The event is free and open to the public. At 6 pm, Prof. Venkatesh will take part in a film screening and discussion. Film description: The phrase "bad hair" is often used in Caribbean countries to refer to the tight curly hair of people of African heritage. These negative preconceptions have become a problem for Junior, a young boy being raised by a single mother in a working class neighborhood in Caracas, Venezuela. Junior's anxiety about his upcoming school photo has him trying every trick he can think of to straighten his hair and achieve a new look inspired by a famous pop star. But Junior's mother, Marta, is troubled, fearing that the absence of a male figure at home is having an undesirable effect on her son. Before long, Junior will have to make a painful decision.
  • Library Partners Press presents...poems of resistance, read by authors LC Williams, Donald Beagle, Jill Crainshaw, and Sam Gladding. Books will be available for signing and sale after the readings. After-party to be determined.
  • Dr. Claudia Kairoff, Professor of English and recipient of the MacDonough Family Faculty Fellowship will lecture onRaising Her Voice: A Critical Edition of The Works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea at 4pm in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library Auditorium, Room 404. Hubert McNeill Poteat taught at Wake Forest University from 1911 to 1956 and was widely known and respected as a Latin scholar. Named in his honor, this lecture series is designed to recognize and celebrate the many achievements of our faculty in research, scholarly, and creative work.
  • Christian Miller, A.C. Reid Professor of Philosophy, Wake Forest University, will speak on: "The Neglected Virtue of Honesty: Is Anyone Honest These Days, and What Does 'Honesty' Even Mean?" Honesty and dishonesty are clearly big topics today, with stories about politicians from both parties lying to the media, students cheating on exams, and athletes using banned substances. But what is honesty? And how honest are people in general? In the first half of the presentation, we will focus on the philosophical question of what makes someone an honest person. In the second half, we will turn to the latest studies in psychology on cheating. The emerging picture calls into question whether most people are indeed honest. But it also, surprisingly, suggests that dishonesty is rare too. For most of us, we are somewhere in the middle.
  • Please join us for our 2016/17 SAC Meetings! Each month we welcome guests that help us keep in touch with what is happening on campus, and how those happenings affect staff. There may be raffles??? Come find out!
  • Join PREPARE for a screening of the award-winning documentary, The Hunting Ground, followed by a Q&A with campus resources like the SAFE Office, Title IX and UPD.

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