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Rare Book of the Month

Curious about what sort of interesting items lurk in the Rare Books stacks? A new blog, accessible from the Special Collections page, will highlight a different book from our collection each month. This month’s selection is the 1669 first edition of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Check the blog archives for last month’s Julius Casear quarto.

And if you have a favorite book that you’d like to see featured, please let me know!

3 Comments on ’Rare Book of the Month‘

  1. lauren pressley

    I *love* this idea!! What a fun use of a blog!

  2. Charles Bombeld

    What a wonderful feature! It is really interesting to know some of the history connected to some of our rarest volumes, and the provenance is really interesting. Way to go Megan!

  3. Ellen M.

    Thank you for this mini-tour of the collection. I enjoyed the post on Milton and look forward to the next book!