During January 2006

Should Faculty Have Limits on Check-Outs?

The College’s Library Planning Committee has recommended several changes to Library circulation policy, including a check-out limit of 50 books at a time per person. The rationale for the change is that books kept out for prolonged periods are unavailable to other faculty and students. Currently, 52 library users have more than 50 items checked... more

Do No Evil with Google Scholar

Google’s launch of the Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com) service generated a lot of buzz – most of it negative – in the library and academic communities. Journals, listservs, and conferences echoed the cries that a FREE search engine would never equal our more complicated (and expensive) databases in scholarliness or usefulness. Now that 18 months have... more

Check Out Our New Electronic Resources!

New in 2005! ZSR Library has licensed a vast array of digital content, from classical music to psychology journals to multidisciplinary content from the eighteenth century. Classical Music Library is our first foray into the realm of licensed streaming music. Over 49,000 tracks are included representing all eras and genres of classical music. More tracks... more

President Hatch in the Library Lecture Series

President Nathan O. Hatch will give a presentation on his book Democratization of American Christianity on March 14th in the Library. Join the crowd at other scheduled talks or volunteer to do one yourself! More… more

Check It Out Now!

Digital Video Camera Reservation Loan Program In response to requests from faculty, ZSR‘s Information Technology Center has purchased a new Canon Elura 85 mini DV camcorder. It will be available by reservation to faculty only, in an effort to improve the ability to schedule it for classroom use. To date, equipment loaned by ITC has... more

We Will Copy it For You!

Photocopy Services Z. Smith Reynolds Library has initiated a new photocopy program for print journal articles located in the library stacks. We will photocopy and deliver articles either in person or electronically to your desktop. Pricing is on a cost-recovery basis at $0.15 per page with a minimum charge of $3.00 per article, which may... more

Do You Know Who Your Library Liaison Is?

Every academic department has a designated library liaison to help with book orders, library instruction, faculty orientation, and all other services the library provides. Who is yours? more