During August 2007

From the Suggestion Box: New science journals

I would like to suggest that the library subscribe to Nature Materials and Nature Nanotechnology. Both of these journals contain articles that may be interesting to all science departments and could inspire collaborations between various departments. Thank you for your suggestion for new science journals. I will refer your message to our science librarian. Money... more

From the Suggestion Box: Phone in 24 hour study room

Please remove the phone from the 24 hour study room in the library. People tend to abuse it and talk loudly even when it is apparent that students are trying to study in that particular area. Thank you. After talking to staff and observing the area, we agree that the best thing to do is... more

Dime Novels exhibit

The forerunner of todays comic books and graphic novels, the dime novel explored themes of adventure. During the Civil War, Dime Novels were perhaps the most popular form of reading for soldiers on both sides. The ZSR Library has an extensive Dime Novel collection in the Microtext Department that is well worth exploring. more

Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit

Frank Lloyd Wright designed many of the most innovative and beautiful structures in America. His techniques and design were groundbreaking. His idea of incorporating the design into the environment was a new idea, is still used widely. more

Albert Schweitzer exhibit

Albert Schweitzer, humanitarian, physician, and Nobel Laureate is the topic of this exhibit. He was a man who simply gave his entire life to the service of others. In recent years, Schweitzer has been somewhat forgotten for the exemplary human being he was, and this exhibit focuses on his life and service. more

ZSR Staff Development goes to the Garage!

On Thursday, August 2nd, the 2007-2008 ZSR Staff Development Committee had its first event of the year! We loaded up the Student Life Taco Bell Van, Lynn’s truck, and a couple of other cars and headed over to the President’s Home to see “The Garage,” a comfortable lounge/recreation area where student organizations and other groups... more

Asolare painting and sculpture

From June-August, 2007, the exhibit cases were filled with a variety of art from Asolare Fine Arts Foundation. This group, centered near Salisbury, NC, supports local artists of all kinds. We were privileged to have paintings, sculpture, prints and drawings on view this summer. Painting by Daniel Whitmer Paintings by Daniel Whitmer, NCSA graduate and... more