During November 2007

Lerner History Exhibits- Fall 2007

On Thursday, Nov. 29th, eight history students in Dr. Jeff Lerner’s Roman History class stood in the library entrance and made their presentations. After working through the semester on the research, meeting with me on their exhibit design, and constructing their exhibit- each student was ready to present their work to the entire class of... more

NCPC Basic Book Repair Workshop

On Wenesday, November 14, I taught a book repair workshop for the NCSLMA (North Carolina School Library Media Association. This workshop was sponsored by the North Carolina Preservation Consortium (NCPC). The workshop was a pre-conference offering for the NCSLMA Annual conference held at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem. I had 22 media coordinators to... more

New Library Event Tablecloth

The Marketing Committee is pleased to announce the purchase of a new tablecloth that can be used for ZSR events and outreach. Renate has worked with the Bookstore to borrow their tablecloth for various events and it was decided that purchasing a tablecloth of our own would be a good investment. Linda Early did some... more

Wilson 6 Water Dampens the Collection

Joe Harrington and his quick thinking student Alex Chung alerted me to a water leak this week on Wilson 6. A heating duct was leaking on a section of a range in the HF’s. We quickly removed the books in harms way and placed a plastic trash can to catch the water. In all, about... more

From the Suggestion Box: 24 Hour Room Temperature

Most of the time I find it really hot in the 24 hr. room. Is there a way to lower the temperature to the mid or low 60s? Thank you for letting us know. We will put in a request to Facilities, though I think if the temperature went all the way down to the... more

Tech Team’s Holiday Gift

We all are too aware that the holiday season is barreling down upon us all. In addition to family plans, we all enjoy the various celebrations that take place here at the Library. Traditionally, as part of its holiday party, the Tech Team has done a “Secret Santa” gift exchange between team members. As the... more

Travels with Wanda

Gulf Coast Recovery Summit On September 24th and 25th at the Emory Conference Center in Atlanta, SOLINET held a disaster recovery summit entitled “The Business Side of Recovery.” The summit was an invitation-only event attended by representatives from southeastern academic libraries. The topics included: Emergency Training and Communication, Business Continuity Planning for Libraries, First Responder... more