This article is more than 5 years old.

On Friday, September 21st from 7-11pm, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library hosted its fifth Get Game@ZSR event. This open video game night drew a good crowd of 32 students, along with five University staff and guests.

Once again, we held the event in the atrium. We had five screens and projectors in the atrium, one projector in the ITC Lobby and one in the ITC Multimedia Lab for a total of 7 screens, our biggest event to date, and for much of the evening, all 7 stations were in use! We had three Nintendo Wii consoles, two Guitar Hero stations, and an N64 and Gamecube station! We also had remote control cars and some other games to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening!

I want to thank everyone who helped set up for this event! Chris, Prentice, and Craig along with the RTAs, were instrumental in setup for the event! Caroline, Susan, and Tim got all the players signed in as they arrived and worked “security” at the front desk. Lynn joined us for the start of the evening to make sure we had everything we needed. Susan took some excellent photos and posted them on Flickr! There was an ample supply of pizza purchased and it was gone in the first hour! Sodas and candy fueled the gamers (and the staff) through the rest of the evening! At 11pm, after a great evening of gaming, we waved goodbye to the gamers and by 11:15pm the RTAs and members of the ZSR staff had everything broken down, packed up and were headed to the parking lot!

We have already begun planning our next event in Spring 2008, another tournament like the one held in Spring 2006, this time in conjunction with another school! We have to keep these events fresh and new in order to keep students interested in attending!

Three Games in Three Rooms