During August 2008

Introducing LibGuides!

You might have heard recently that there’s a new research guide format that the reference folks have been learning to use. It’s called LibGuides, and allows for users to create research guides that take advantage of a number of web 2.0 tools. We’re still learning, but you can see some of the examples here. Not... more

Religious Intolerance Exhibit

To create the Religious Intolerance project, Dr. Neal received a grant from the Chambers Family Fund for Entrepreneurship and a grant from the Wake Forest University Office of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts.The class, which met Spring Semester, 2008, is working on a project entitled: “Portraits of Hate, Lessons of Hope:Examining Religious Intolerance in America.”I met... more

Orphaned microfilm finds new home

It is with much joy that the ZSR library shipped the first set of our orphaned microfim off to a new home today.  In recent years the library was able to replace these collections with online versions of the material and we were excited to learn of a library last week who was interested in... more

A Visit With UNCG

Today some of the RITS team members, Kevin, Kaeley, Sarah, and I, traveled to UNC-G to meet with reference librarians interested in technology at Jackson Library. It was a good meeting with a turnout of about 12 library staff members between UNCG and WFU. The conversation was casual, with short demonstrations of some of the... more

Government Documents/Microtext Consolidation Project

For the past three years, an ongoing weeding project has been taking place in ZSR Library’s Government Documents Department. As more resources go online, efforts are being made to convert to electronic and reclaim much needed shelf space by removing out-of-date and out-of-scope materials. We work with the Regional Depository at UNC to ensure that... more