During December 2008

Emerging Tech Talk: Google Books Settlement

Today’s Emerging Tech Talk was on the Google Books Settlement with a brief introduction to the Life Magazine Photo Archive that is now available through Google. I gave an image heavy presentation, so here is the bit about the Life (with extra notes slides): If you’re interested in searching for images, you can go to... more

Book Jacket Wreaths 2008

It’s arts and crafts time!! Following the boisterous and jolly Holiday Luncheon at Graylyn, staff members gathered in Wilson 476 to make holiday wreaths using book jackets collected throughout the year. Following in true “Kindergarten arts and crafts style” we had pre-cut leaves, bows, ribbons, and holly berries. If feeling particularly gifted, we also supplied... more

Welcome to the “Course” Blog

This Spring Semester Roz and I will be leading weekly sessions on instruction. We’re planning to cover a lot: instructional design, educational theory, teaching and learning styles, while giving everyone the opportunity to swap and share along the way. We’re going to attempt to model teaching strategies along the way, so this is the online... more

Turkeypalooza Thank You!


From the Suggestion Box: Greatest idea

awesome greatest idea ever Not sure exactly what you mean by greatest idea – Wake the Library? Graffiti wall? Whatever, glad you like it! more

From the Suggestion Box: Wake the Library

I really appreciate the free coffee and food at midnight! It’s just the extra boost I need during exams!! Thank you all. You are very welcome. We want you to do well on your exams! more

‘Tis the season….

Setting up those Christmas/Holiday decorations Singing those Christmas/Holiday songs Buying all those special gifts Re-gifting those fruit cakes And best of all, just like Santa comes to all the malls, Wake the Library comes to ZSR. Every year around this time, ZSR staff pulls together in efforts to help the students through their final week... more

The Late Night Breakfast – Fall 2008

First rule of serving food at the Late Night Breakfast? Don’t leave your tongs under the heat lamp! (They get really hot!) On Monday, December 8th, I joined a group of Wake Forest staff and faculty as we served an all-you-can-eat breakfast in “The Pit” from 9 – 11:30 p.m. Entertainment was provided by various... more