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Friday Night Live at ZSR debuted on April 11th at 6pm. Sophomore Thomas Kozak sang and played acoustic guitar. He was periodically accompanied by a violinist, a keyboardist, drummer, and female backing vocals. Most of the songs were his own, but he did manage to throw in a few covers. He did a fantastic job! I was really impressed with the professionalism of his singing and guitar playing. At it’s peak, the audience reached 48 people all of which seemed very focused on the performance. Interestingly enough, Carol Cramer reported that she could hardly hear a thing in the study room across the hall or inside the library.

Many thanks to Carol Cramer and Chris Burris for helping me in re-organizing the study room furniture afterwards. Also, many thanks to Wanda Brown, Erik Mitchell, and Mary Beth Lock for attending the show! Hopefully, this series will become a permanent fixture in the Fall. I look forward to seeing other performances such as dancing, poetry slams, stand-up comedy, and student made films.