For the first time in ITC history, we have instituted a fine structure to encourage our student patrons to return cameras, camcorders and projectors on time. We have offered loans on digital equipment and accessories for many years, but are limited by budget on the number of items we can buy. We depend on our users to return borrowed equipment on time so that it is available for others to check out. Unfortunately, some students don’t appreciate the dilemma and often keep the equipment far over the due date.

After attempting other methods to persuade users to be timely, we have decided that it is time to use a fine system to promote on-time returns. This policy will apply to undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty and staff will not be charged fines because, traditionally, they are conscientious about meeting due dates for equipment.

The 3 day loan period with no renewal will stay in effect. When a user checks out a piece of equipment or accessory item, a customer checkout receipt will be generated that shows the due date. A hard copy notice explaining the new policy will be included with each item. A day before it is due, a courtesy reminder will be emailed to the user. Once it is overdue, the fine will accrue on a daily basis for a two week period. Overdue notices showing the accrued charge will be sent daily. After two weeks, it will be declared lost and a lost fee will incur. If the student returns the item at that time, the lost charge will be forgiven, but the fine is still owed.

The fine/lost fee schedule is:

Camera: Fine of $5.00/day overdue; $150 lost/replacement fee

Camcorder: Fine of $5.00/day overdue; $500 lost/replacement fee

Projector: Fine of $10.00/day overdue; $800 lost/replacement fee

Accessories: Fine of $1.00/day overdue; $50 lost/replacement fee
(cords and cables, power supplies, projector screens, tripods, headphones)

Proceeds from collected fines will be used to increase the equipment loaner pool.