During September 2009

September 29: Sakai and Other Content Management Systems

Giz demoed Sakai Discussed the move to Sakai Faculty discussed moving to Sakai at the last faculty meeting Erik discussed POGIL Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning Guided Inquiry is guided inquiry and Constructivism (context is everything) Think: student created knowledge POGIL classrooms look like: Group based (3-4 people) students take on roles Presenter, note taker,... more

Graham T. Allison exhibit

This exhibit was designed to support the speech by Graham T. Allison on October 1st in the Brendle Recital Hall as part of The Voices in Our Time series. Allison is the author of “Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Catastrophe” and has served in the Reagan and Clinton administrations. Allison is a graduate of Davidson and... more

Outreach to International Students

Last spring, as I was preparing for my presentation at the American Library Association Annual Conference, I had an idea about library outreach to International Students.Roz supported my idea, and Carol introduced me to Sam Edwards, International Studies Adviser at the Wake Forest University Center for International Studies.On August 21st, Giz and I gave a... more

Shelving Unit Transported to Preservation

Give Hugh his due. Once again, artisan/craftsman Hugh Brown has done work that demonstrates thinking outside the box. Special Collections is removing everything from the Rare workroom. This move meant demolishing a perfectly good shelving unit because it was too large to get out of the space. Hugh Brown to the rescue. He executed a... more

Campus Climate Survey Meeting

I attended the Wednesday, Sept 23rd Campus Climate Survey Meeting in Pugh and since several colleagues could not attend I thought I’d take some notes and post them here! About 30-35 people attended the session. The review of the instrument described how various work climate elements to provide an overall assessment. As those of us... more

September 22: Incorporating Current Information Issues in Library Instruction

Erik on Google Books Blog post on Google Books timeline Google Books Settlement page ZSR Library blog entries discussing the settlement Timeline of developments on Cnet The EU perspective on Google Books NyTimes coverage Editorial by Sergey Brin Maybe take the last three and compare Easy to incorporate current issues by doing research on web... more

Timeline of Google Books Settlement

The Google Books settlement stemmed from lawsuits related to the Google Books digitization project. The original settlement from October 2008 has seen alot of opinion and criticism in the last year. Below is a short list of sites that cover the developments: Google Books Settlement page ZSR Library blog entries discussing the settlement Timeline of... more

Emerging Tech Talk: Location Aware Devices & Augmented Reality

This month’s Emerging Tech Talk was on Location Aware Devices and Augmented Reality. Since it still sounds a lot like science fiction, and is hard to explain without seeing it in action, we started by watching a few videos: First, a video about overlaying additional information based on symbols a device understands: Then, a video... more

From the Suggestion Box: A Recent Comment

I’d like to know where the Reference department is physically located but I can’t find any department information listed and searching the site gives many links but no success. Aren’t librarians supposed to be able to organize information? The Reference Department is on the 4th floor of the Wilson Wing, behind the giant "Ask" sign... more

Albet Schweitzer Symposium exhibit

Revisiting the Legacy of Albert Schweitzer: Reverence for Life in a Global Context, a symposium, will be held on Tuesday, September 22nd, 4:30 – 6:30 at Wait Chapel. more