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Resource Services Members Use LibraryThing to Help Trinity Center

Lauren Corbett first responded to a request for help from Trinity Center’s Director, Ann Dixon-Coppage. Prior to moving to the current location, Trinity Center’s books had been loosely organized, but after the move, workers were having trouble locating titles they knew were in the collection. Lauren realized that LibraryThing would help the workers at the center utilize its extensive book collection better since it is searchable and tags could be used to identify three different rooms containing the books.

Lauren embarked on project alone initially, but once she mentioned it to co-workers over lunch, Carolyn McCallum and Patty Strickland both immediately volunteered to help. Project stats to date: 28 hours and 596 titles. We estimate we may be about halfway through entering the collection into LibraryThing. As a result of recent internal publicity about this community service project, we have a new volunteer: Ellen Makaravage.

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  1. Lynn

    Excellent all the way around!