Today was the final competition for the summer 2010 staff Olympics. As is the tradition, the event is a mystery. All the teams know is that we have to be ready to accomplish a number of odd tasks.

This year, the four competitors from each team had to:
Keep the Balls in the Air

  • juggle a beach ball without dropping it as they moved to their individual challenge. If you dropped it, you have to start that segment over

Use the Baloon Air to Clear Cups Off

  • Challenge 1 was to blow up a balloon and use the air in the balloon to blow paper cups off the top of a cardboard box (JP)

Toss 2 Balls in the Cone

  • Challenge 2 was to throw 2 tennis balls into a traffic cone that was being held on the forehead of the third team player (Prentice throwing to Barry)

Makes the Pedometer Go 150 Steps

  • Challenge 3 was to advance a funky pedometer forward 150 positions. The pedometer was mounted to a string that was tied around the team player’s head (Barry)

Mary Beth Edges Up the Hot Tamale

  • Challenge 4 was to balance a “hot tamale (candy)” on two secured-together pencils that were attached on two string on either end. The strings were draped over team member 4’s ears and the team member had to carefully raise the tamale laden pencil up to her mouth and eat the candy and do this THREE times (Mary Beth).

Without a doubt, Barry receive MVP Player of the Week for the Zephyrs. I think the pedometers were losing functionality by the time the last two teams got to them (That was us and our competitors, Klassy).

But since Klassy came in first and we came in second (By only TWO points), I guess it would be in bad taste to contest the results 🙂

Kudos to the Grand Finale team: JP, Barry, Mary Beth and Prentice, who did ZSR Library proud today!
Mystery Task Team