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We now have the three major ebook readers available for checkout from the bridge: the Kindle, the Nook, and the Sony Touch Reader. Ereaders, as a technology, are different from the iPad in that they use eink screens that are not backlit and are a little easier on the eyes. They tend to do there primary function really really well, but secondary apps often aren’t as good as they would be on a more full-functioned device. I had the incredibly geeky pleasure of checking out the Kindle and Sony Reader the other day, rounding out the ebook readers in my house since I have a Nook of my own. In case you want the highlights of the differences between the three, I made these little videos (which I didn’t watch after filming, so I hope they’re not too embarrassing!!):

A Brief Overview of All Three

The Kindle

The Nook

The Sony Reader

I really enjoyed playing with all three. It was surprising to see that the screen was the same size on all three; it just appears to be bigger or smaller depending on the body of the ereader. For personal use, it’s worth noting you can check out Overdrive books and put them on both the Nook and the Sony Reader. If you’re interested in how to do that, I’d be happy to show you!!