Yesterday, members of ZSR’s staff answered the call from President Hatch to spend some time helping out at WFU’s Habitat for Humanity Houses. The location of the houses was in the south western edge of the city, so far from city center that even I (a person used to big cities) had to proclaim, “are we still in Winston-Salem?”

When we arrived on site, we were greeted by Tony from Habitat for Humanity, who worked with and remembered the ZSR volunteers from last year. Then we divided up into two teams and went into different houses to begin the day’s work. Our responsibilities were varied, but most of us touched our share of hammers, nails, ladders, caulk, a variety of electrical saws, lumber, and brooms. It was a great time, and a very worthwhile day. Prentice, Mary, Barry and Ellen also had the opportunity to work with the future homeowner of the house who was also volunteering yesterday.

We all would pat ourselves on the back, but I don’t think that any of us can get our arms to reach that way.

Team ZSR at Habitat for Humanity
Team ZSR after lunch.

High fives all around to the team, Craig, Tim, Gretchen, Ellen, Carolyn, Susan, Barry, Mary Scanlon, Prentice and me. We had a great time and we managed to do some good work.