During November 2011

Magnalia Christi Americana, by Cotton Mather (1702)

I WRITE the Wonders of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, flying from the Depravations of Europe, to the American Strand: And, assisted by the Holy Author of that Religion, I do, with all Conscience of Truth, required therein by Him, who is the Truth it self, Report the Wonderful Displays of His Infinite Power, Wisdom, Goodness, and... more

‘Cans for Fines’ reprised this December

Got fines and a desire to help the hungry in our community? The Z. Smith Reynolds Library will accept non-expired, unopened canned goods as payment for overdue fines. For each can of food donated, $1 will be waived from your library fines. (No maximum.) Only canned goods will be accepted. The program will run from... more

Reel Life – restored

A few weeks back, I was happy to begin some work on Special Collections materials in Preservation. I grabbed a few likely suspects off the shelf and opened one: this was a thick volume of bound magazines entitled Reel Life: A Weekly Magazine of Kinetic Drama and Literature. This project by Mr. Clarence Herbert New... more

From the Suggestion Box: Unused Study Space & Outlets

As I know that the staff is evaluating the placement of outlets in the ZSR, I thought I’d bring this area of the library to your attention. The 6th floor carrols by the windows on the Wilson Wing are a very popular study place for students. The only problem is that only two of the... more

Embedded in the Residence Halls: Take Three!

Last Spring we piloted a program that consisted of placing a Reference Librarian in a Residence Hall for a two hour block. (See “Have ThinkPad, Will Travel!) We revisited the program this semester, visiting three Residence Hall on three different days and times before Fall Break (See “Embedded in the Residence Halls: Discovering What Works!)... more

From the Suggestion Box: Phones and Study Areas

Would it be possible to put a sign in the center (sprial) stairwell by the Ammons room and the Art room asking students to not use their phones/talk there? I think a lot of students go to these landings assuming that they are getting away from quiet study spaces, like gov docs or the history... more

Biblical Recorder microfilm now online and searchable!

The Wake Forest University Special Collections and Archives department is pleased to announce that the Biblical Recorder microfilm is now online and searchable! Thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) as administered by theState Library of North Carolina,... more

What Are You Working On?

Today’s “what are you working on?” post features another of our hard working and dedicated student assistants, Nate. In his second year of service in Special Collections and Archives, Nate can be found on any given day assisting Beth in rare books, digitizing manuscript collections, or generally being our “Jack of all trades.” Today he... more

From the Suggestion Box: Power in the Atrium

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who study in the the main atrium (3 story room w/ tables) use computers. The inconvenient floor plugs are few in number (requiring power cord rental) and awkward to access. I recommend installing power strips on each table (leg, edge, underneath, etc) that could then be plugged into... more

Teaching LIB100 Online

Yesterday was the Online Forum in which I was able to share my lib100 class with interested faculty. It was a well attended session, with about 30 people at peek attendance, and we covered a wide range of topics. I expected to be asked to delve into my course to show some specific examples and... more