This article is more than 5 years old.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Administrative Professionals Conference at the LJVM Coliseum Annex. Our audience was made up of Administrative Professionals from WFU, WFU-Health Sciences, WSSU, UNC School of the Arts and Forsyth Technical Community College. We had approximately 240 attendees.

I have been on the Administrative Professionals Committee for 8 years. This was my third year updating and adding new pages to our web site: I was also on the registration sub-committee. I helped check-in attendees at the door. Each attendee was given a goodie bag filled with coupons, pens, candy and popcorn.

We had 3 great speakers!

Speaker 1 was Kelly Swanson, her topic was “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?” From her web site:

Is your yellow brick road filled with pot holes? Are you finding more wicked witches in your path than fairy godmothers? Wondering what happened to your happily ever after? Join us for a wickedly funny and powerfully motivating program about how to ground ourselves in times of stress and change. Hear sound advice and tips you can use on how to recognize the signs of stress, deal with them, re-focus and remove the behaviors and mindsets that are standing in the way of peace and productivity in the workplace. You will laugh and cry as you follow Kelly down her twisted journey to a happily ever after.

Speaker 2 was Todd Hunt, From his web site:

Todd Hunt’s “Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business” is an insightful look at improving communication to become more successful…with dozens of everyday examples that will leave you chuckling in recognition.

  • Discover “where your listener is coming from” and
    how to tailor your communication style accordingly.
  • Review the 8 problem words that could cost you business.
  • Never think about voice mail the same again!

Speaker 3 was Dr. Susanne Gaddis (The Communications Doctor), her topic was “How to Get Things Done When You’re Not In Charge.” From her web site:

You don’t have to battle bureaucracy. As a matter of fact, once you understand the players and how what you do fits into the big picture, then you can get things done, even if you are not in charge. This session will provide you with skills to increase your influence, regardless of your level within your organization.

  • How to influence others to work with you.
  • How to align your wants with the needs of others.
  • How to build positive politics around yourself.
  • Techniques you can use to help you build respect among coworkers and customers.
  • That calculated risk is not really risk at all.
  • Words to Use/Lose when making requests and influencing others

The speakers and food were great! We also had 35 vendors! River Birch and Midtown Café catered our lunch again this year! Chick-fil-A (on Peacehaven) donated breakfast and door prizes! The Chick-fil-A cow was also present!