This article is more than 5 years old.

On Friday, January 14th, The ZSR Library and the Office of Student Life teamed up to offer our second “Capture the Flag@ZSR”. Check out Susan’s wonderful photos (including a cool time lapse movie) While not as heavily attended as the first capture the flag event we held in August, around half of the students who attended Friday’s event were repeats from the previous event, showing us they really enjoy the event! We made numerous improvements to Friday’s event based on our experiences from last August! We’ve learned the students like pizza better than snacks and dip (they need food they can grab and go with during the event!) and we know that having two shorter games instead of one long game gives us opportunities to update the rules on the fly! Thanks to Meghan Haenn from Student Life and Susan, Lynn and Chris from ZSR for giving up part of their Friday night to join us! (Susan need “Professional Photographer” added to her title!) And a special thanks to both Meghan Haenn and Matt Imboden from Student Life for getting us great bandannas for the event! (Also thanks to Mary Beth and Travis for making sure I knew how to check out locker keys!)