After over a year of frenetic planning, boxing and relocating, months of hauling, accessioning and forklifting, and weeks of preparation and training, the Off Site Storage collection is now retrievable!
Since last summer when we began to box up material to be sent to off site, records were changed in the onlie catalog on the affected titles as they were pulled from ZSRs stacks. The record changes were necessary to indicate to the public that these items were not available for immediate review. The changes included a change in location code (from ZSR main stacks to Off Site Stacks) and a change in how requests for those materials were processed. Since all of the volumes , were boxed up and unavailable, all of the requests for those items were put directly into the InterLibrary Loan queue.

Now however, that the material that had been held at Data Chambers AND all of the volumes pulled from ZSR last summer have been safely accessioned into the new facility, we have begun to retrieve and fulfill requests for articles and books directly from Off Site. We anticipate no longer than a 24 hour turn around time for requests, (Mon-Fri) and depending on when the request is made, frequently shorter!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality. While we are not “done” with the Off Site start up, we’ve reached another milestone in our operations and everyone deserves a pat on the back. Special notice goes to Scott Adair and Tony Johnson for their handling of operations at Off Site, Cristina Yu and Ellen Makaravage for all of the work troubleshooting the request process, Anna Dulin and Tara Hauser for their flexibility in responding to a changing ILL request landscape, Erik “what are we going to do without you” Mitchell for his envisioning the process and helping to implement it, Kevin Gilbertson for his remarkable coding skills and JP Bessou for all of the support in getting to know and explain a whole new inventory system.

If you need to request from the Off Site facility, fear not! Find the record in VuFind and make a request. We have able systems and capable people to find what you need and direct it your way. Click on the link below for a look at what the record in VuFind will look like.