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Wednesday afternoon was a time of TechXploration on campus. IS hosted a poster session event for people involved with the Summer Technology Grants over 2011 as well as other technology projects on campus.

Kevin, Craig, Rebecca, Kaeley, and I went as part of our involvement with the Summer Technology Group. We made great strides towards completion over the summer, but as you know this year has been hectic, so it’s simmered on the back burner except for intersessions. Luckily, as the semester is wrapping up we have time to focus on it again and we plan to have completed the framework, website, added the text, and created all the various file formats with enough time for people (who wish) to incorporate it into their LIB100 for Fall 2012. Expect to hear more soon!

Oats&Tea @ TechXploration

Our poster was met with a lot of interest. People thought the poster was nicely designed (thanks, Craig!!) and liked the idea of an open access, modular, electronic, format agnostic textbook. We even heard from Brenda Knox that she’d like to incorporate it into the online counseling program. We had a lot of fun talking to people from students to faculty to technical staff and we look forward to having a finished product to share. There was a lot of interest from the crowd about the technical details, so I look forward to our documenting the tools we’re using and creating a model others can follow.

Oats&Tea @ TechXploration

I also was asked to talk about my online class, which I’m always happy to do, so I had a poster on that topic, as well. That poster got far less traffic–perhaps because people are familiar with the class at this point? The day was worth it, though, because of meeting one faculty member who was really really interested in the project and would like to incorporate several of the assignments, organizational structures, and other features into their class going forward.

Lauren Pressley @ TechXploration

All in all, it was a great afternoon! Fun people, good food, and a chance to share with others some of the work we’ve been doing!