During October 2013

Here @ ZSR

Halloween at Habitat

On Halloween, some brave (and perhaps tortured) souls were transported to another dimension. A dimension where a house had unpainted interior walls. This house, being built by Habitat for Humanity on North Cherry Street, needed interior primer. Wanda Brown, Barry Davis, James Harper, Tim Mitchell, Chelcie Rowell, Bill Kane and Craig Fansler spent the day... more

New Finding Aid Online!

Special Collections and Archives is happy to announce that the Harold Tedford Collection of Theatre Programs is processed and the finding aid is now online. This collection is one of many performing arts collections available in Special Collections & Archives. We will be publishing a guide to all of these collections soon, so stay tuned! more

At ZSR Library in FY 2013

Statistics are an important component when evaluating performance. The numbers in this infographic highlight the tangible value of ZSR Library’s collections, services and facility to the Wake Forest Community. Click image to view larger more

Humans v Zombies – Fall 2013

On Friday, October 25th from 9-11 pm, the ZSR Library hosted another Human v Zombies event at ZSR! We had 80 students attend and seven amazing volunteers from the ZSR staff! Thanks to Susan Smith, Tim Mitchell, David Link, Thomas Dowling, Chelcie Rowell, Chris Burris, Lauren Suffoletto and student John Walsh for all their help... more

The ABCs of Special Collections and Archives: A is for…

A is for… Archives Week! And a great way to start the ABCs of Special Collections and Archives. Archives Week is an annual, week-long observance of the agencies and people responsible for maintaining and making available the archival and historical records of our nation, state, communities and people. –Society of North Carolina Archives The theme of the... more

N.C. Archives Week!

It is Archives Week in North Carolina! This year’s theme, “Home Grown! A Celebration of NC Food Culture and History” provides a wonderful opportunity for institutions across the state to highlight materials in their archives as well as create local connections. Here at ZSR, our student Brittany put up a small exhibit in the entrance-way... more

Myth-busting and a 6-year disembargo

Interesting news stories and projects usually come to light during Open Access Week, and this year proves no exception. I’ve seen libraries around the country host panels of faculty researchers, organize workshops for faculty and graduate students, offer outreach events for undergraduates, and post photos of displays demonstrating the true costs of accessing research. Lots... more

Open Access Week 2013

ZSR Library is celebrating the sixth international Open Access Week, October 21-27, with three events to engage our campus community around this year’s theme, “Redefining Impact.” Join us: – Monday, Oct. 21 at 12pm for an informal, brown bag lunch conversation with colleagues. Ask questions about open access, and hear what others have to share.... more

Deconstructing Book Repair

Many books come into Preservation with a broken joint or torn internal hinge, which makes the repair needed easy to see. Sometimes, one might see the repairs of a prior bookbinder. This was the case when I began work on Comedies and Tragedies, by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, printed in 1647. Small tabs of... more

Taking the sting out of the “sting”

Did you hear the story last Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition about open access (OA) journals and peer review? About the OA “sting” from Science, “Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?” Yeah. The “sting” has angered many OA advocates, me included, and has generated many responses; several of note are linked below. In the admittedly few... more