Printing and copying will be unavailable in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, in the Professional Center Library, and in Farrell Hall on Monday, September 23 starting at 8:30AM and continuing to Tuesday, September 24, mid-day while we change over the machines on campus to new Xerox multifunctional devices. Please plan accordingly!

Once the new machines are deployed and everything is operational, students will have to download new print drivers before they will be able to send a print job. The new drivers will be available from ZSR’s website. With the new Xerox machines in place, students will see a few things change for the better.

First, the charges for color copies and prints will be reduced from .50 per page to .25 per page, saving students some money. All of the copiers will have the ability to print in either black and white or color!

Second, print jobs will print double sided as a default. This will enable you to carry around fewer sheets of paper and allow the university to help meet its sustainability goals. Students should check with faculty on whether a double sided printed paper will be acceptable. If you need single sided printing, instructions will also be available on ZSR’s website. Feedback we received in advance of making this change indicated that faculty were perfectly happy with papers printed double sided, and many suggested that they were happy with an electronic submission!

Third, the new machines will make use of Omega devices hung up to the right of every printer/copier/scanner. The Omegas will be the place where you swipe your card to release the print job or initiate a copy or a scan. Additionally, scanning from the new Xerox machines is much easier than scanning from the machines they will replace, allowing students to go paperless when they can.

Once the new multifunction devices are ready for use, students will have to name their print jobs with their WFU username in order to be able to release them at the print stations. One final plus, when students slide their card to release their print jobs, they will only see their own print jobs on screen. No more scrolling through to find your own paper from a very long list!

We are looking forward to the deployment of the new Xerox multifunctional devices on campus, and hope you will be even more satisfied with the features offered and the new cost structure.