In the next few months, ZSR will host several exhibits I wanted to mention. In addition, I was invited to participate in the Letterforming exhibit at Scales Fine Arts Center.

Everyday Innovations exhibit

Currently, there is an exhibit based on the classwork of Lynn Book called Everyday Innovations. Lynn’s class on Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise uses journaling to come up with innovations to improve everyday life. “One of the main course goals is to expose the students to the creative process and the associated forms of experimentation that come with the innovation and design process.” The exhibit has examples of the students journals-many of which are out for exploration by the Circulation Desk. In addition, Book and co-editor David Phillips compiled a book on creativity entitled Creativity and Entrepreneurship : Changing Currents in Education and Public Life which is in one of the cases. The book grew out of two creativity symposiums at Wake Forest.

Letterforming Exhibit- Scales FAC

Paul Bright and Marcus Keeley, who manage the Hanes Gallery at Scales FAC, asked me to contribute some letterpress work to this Letterforming exhibit, which runs from October 21-December 8. This exhibit expires the evolution of letters and type through history and covers everything from hand-made letterforms to conceptual use of letterforms in contemporary art.

My story of life exhibit

Over the holiday period, we will install an exhibit put together by Phoebe Zerwick, Senior Lecturer at Wake Forest along with Michelle Johnson and photographer, Christine Rucker.
The exhibit called The Story of My Life follows the lives of six adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The exhibit tells their stories through photographs, text and their artwork.

I encourage everyone to take a moment to see and experience these exhibits right on your doorstep.